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ICS, literal italian pronunciation of letter X.

It’s a chainable buffered multiple with 2 normalized inputs with 3 outputs each and it acts as a 1×7 and 2×4 multiplier depending on its patch layout.

Several ICS can be patched and chained together using the headers on the back of the module and the jumper clip included in the package creating varieties of multiple configurations: using longer jumper wires (not included) to connect your ICS modules together allows you to duplicate your signals and having them reachable from different places on your eurorack system.

That’s really up to your patch: ICSn

2HP, 29.4mm deep

Current draw:
+12V: 15.80mA
-12V: 15.80mA
+5V: 0mA;

Materials: FR4 black front panel with gold finish;

Garantía del vendedor: 90 días