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Características principales

Título del LibroPATCH & TWEAK
Subtítulo del libroExploring Modular Synthesis
AutorKim Bjorn
Editorial del libroBjooks
Color de la portadaBlanco
Tapa del libroDura
Tamaño de la letraEstandar
Con índice

Otras características

  • Con páginas para colorear: No

  • Con realidad aumentada: No

  • Género del libro: Música

  • ISBN: 9788799999514



Become a true master of your modular system
PATCH & TWEAK is a comprehensive look at modular synthesizers. It explores how to build them, how to use them, and how to get the most out of them, with beautiful illustrations and step-by-step tutorials with easy-to-read patch diagrams.

Over 700 Modules
38 Interviews with artists and module creators
Hundreds of tutorials, tips, and tricks
Foreword by synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani
368 colorful pages printed on high-quality certified-ecofriendly paper
Hardcover format (9.8" x 9.8" / 25 x 25 cm)
PATCH & TWEAK is recognized worldwide as the definitive overview of modular synthesis and its tools and techniques. It combines a systematic exploration of the components of synthesis with a comprehensive reference guide to modules and their interactions. Starting with basic concepts, the book literally takes an empty frame and gradually fills it with modules of all kinds, describing their functions in detailed yet understandable terms. Over 700 modules from dozens of manufacturers have their moment to shine, and luminaries of synthesis fill the book with their particular methods, patches, and viewpoints through a wide range of interviews.

Thousands of modular synthesists – beginners and experienced musicians alike - have widened their horizons and deepened their understanding with PATCH & TWEAK. Now it’s your turn.

Artists reveal their modular secrets
How do successful artists turn their modular synthesizers into power and beauty? Learn from the best, from award-winning composers to the hottest new sound designers from around the world. Read and learn with Caterina Barbieri, Todd Barton, Colin Benders, Ian Boddy, Russell E.L. Butler, Richard Devine, Jill Fraser, Bana Haffar, Hataken, Andrew Huang, Junkie XL, NODE, Robert Rich, Robin Rimbaud, Lady Starlight, Emily Sprague, and Hans Zimmer, among others.

Designers open their doors to you
Modular synth designers and makers draw inspiration from a whole world of ideas… and maybe beyond. Have you ever wondered how they come up with these grand designs? Find out with an unprecedented collection of interviews with the geniuses at Bastl Instruments, Endorphin.es, Erica Synths, Fraptools, Intellijel, Make Noise, Moog, Music Thing Modular, Mutable Instruments, Noise Engineering, Rossum Electro-Music, Serge, Synthesizers.com, Verbos Electronics, WMD, 4ms Company, and more.

Where do you start?
Modular synthesizers are an open book waiting to be written – a prospect that can be pretty scary for a beginner. PATCH & TWEAK is here to help, with step-by-step strategies for building a modular that will reflect your creative desires. Start with an empty case, and learn about everything that can go into it. There’s even a guide to semi-modular and software solutions to help get you started.

Concepts of synthesis – made easy to understand and easy to apply
From the basics of sound synthesis to the outer reaches of modern design, you’ll find everything you’ll need to approach your modular with confidence. Starting with building blocks like oscillators, filters, and amplifiers, you’ll go from discovery to discovery through everything from essentials like envelopes, LFOs, mixers, effects, and CV modifiers, to more in-depth sound-shaping tools like waveshapers, samplers, drum and percussion modules, rhythm pattern generators, sequencers, controllers, and more. Get a grip on concepts like harmonics, voltage control, logic functions, random signal sources, and dozens of others – and never feel out of your depth again.

Save money, save time, save the hassle
With hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of modules out there, it can be easy to buy a module that you think will be brilliant for you… but then just falls flat. Having a good knowledge base for making buying decisions is vital for every modular user, and with this book, you’ll have all that and more. Learn what you need to know in order to make sure that your next purchase is the right one!

Created by acclaimed authors and modular experts
For PATCH & TWEAK, bjooks creator Kim Bjørn sought out the best co-author possible for a book of this kind: none other than Chris Meyer, world-renowned modular synthesis educator (learningmodular.com). Chris and Kim have created a book overflowing with helpful hints, beautiful illustrations, and hundreds of inspiring ideas, with the help of the editing team of Paul Nagle and Diana Smethurst, with assistance from Sam Molineaux, Nanna Clausen, and Isabella Bondo Bjørn.

It’s time to get serious about learning modular
Packed from cover to cover with everything a modular enthusiast might need to know and with a thoughtful Foreword by modular luminary Suzanne Ciani, PATCH & TWEAK is recognized all over the world as the most beautiful and practical introduction to modular synthesis there is. Add it to your arsenal today!